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Monica M. Walk

"I write nonfiction: news, stories from life,

communication to colleagues and clients.

Actually, I listen and then I write."

I truly believe we all have stories to share.  Both personally and professionally, these stories connect us.  My ability to hone stories into clear messages and engaging formats strengthens our connections.


A decade-plus as an award-winning writer in and for higher education immersed me in an unusual breadth and depth of subjects. Combined with unquenchable curiosity, that background makes me comfortable on myriad topics.


Clients and colleagues appreciate my candor, focus, dependability and word-smithing.

Content: Online and print news, features and blurbs; story generation; messaging; ghost-writing.


Projects: Websites, news releases, social media, annual reports, donor communications, letters, brochures, newsletters, magazines, newspapers, employee/client communications.


Editorial and more: Proofreading, content creation and editing; project planning and management; public relations; communications strategy; crisis communications; designer-printer liaison; public speaking; voice work; teaching.


. . . provided with timeliness, detail, accuracy and professionalism.

Let's talk, so you'll experience how I listen. Listening is my key to content clarity and accuracy  --and my ability to channel a client's "voice."


I'm experienced working with clients both locally and across the country. Click to the "Clients" page for an outline of the types of organizations and individuals I have already collaborated with; I'd love for you to be next.


Phone: (920)539-1443

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