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My Story

I think the world is an interesting and inspiring place.  And, we are in it together. That's the root of what I do and why I do it: I write, stories from life, communication to colleagues and clients. Actually, I LISTEN and then I write. Clarity and detail are important to me.


Talking with people--about personal experiences, future plans, current businesses--and then writing from our conversations creates connections among a wider group of people that doesn't exist without written communication. Writing captures content so that it can be referred to and shared. Reading opens doors in relationships and sparks more ideas.


I honestly do believe every person has a story to share.  Some of us can't believe others would be interested in our lives and what we have done. Others know what they want to share, but have a hard time shaping the message.


So, give me your shy, unassuming, "I'm nothing special" source. Or, share your bubbling enthusiasm and ideas that need focus and clarity. I love to "get" the story: to talk, listen, and find the hook that is going to make a connection with the readers you want to reach.


A decade-plus as an award-winning writer in and for higher education immersed me in an unusual depth and breadth of subjects, as well as expertise on writing for and about education. I've covered a wide range of projects in a variety of media. 


Combined with unquenchable curiosity, my background makes me comfortable on myriad topics.


Editors: I'll internalize your assignment and return on deadline with  researched, accurate and engaging articles.


Business clients: I'll learn your industry, assess your communication needs and help you meet them, internally and externally. I can help you edit your own writing, or I can channel your "voice" and write for you.


Sources: I'll listen to your story, clarify questions and quote you carefully.


Clients and colleagues appreciate my focus, dependability, candor and word-smithing.


Take a look at my resume.  I've also used my communication skills to lead Girls Scouts from junior high Cadettes through earning their Senior Gold Awards; teach financial literacy in area schools and religious education at my church, where I also promoted social justice work; mentor college communication interns, as well as new moms via La Leche League; volunteer in a grass-roots team that presents monthly Black History content to educate and fight racism in our community; and serve an elected three-year term on the local public school board.


Communication is connection.


Monica M. Walk

Walk the Talk Communications, LLC






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