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Annual Reports: Compose content; generate content; edit; manage

I am familiar and comfortable with a variety of roles on annual reports:  I've written news, features and financial summaries; and I've edited and managed these publications.

University of Wisconsin-
Fond du Lac

Hired to produce content for multiple issues of the Annual Report to the Community, which was published online and in print. Some stories were also featured as website news content.


UW-FDL became part of UW-Oshkosh in 2018.  At that time, its original online presence was removed. Some of my work is saved and available via PDF; some via print scans; some only via original word documents. See my print clips to read additional content created for this client.

Online Report to the Community 2016

Alumni Profile: Jim Misudek, Out of the Park, p. 6

Holocaust History Brought to life through Eva Schloss, Stepsister of Anne Frank, p. 8

Schloss Personal Story Very Different from Anne Frank, p. 9


Online Report to the Community 2015

Alumni Profile: Tim Zedler

Alumni Musicians Still Harmonizing

Professor Gustin Faculty Sabbatical


Online Report to the Community 2014

Alumni Profile:  Jeanna Zuehlke , p.3


Online Report to the Community 2013

Alumni Profile: Kyle Kaniecki , p.3

Students Study in Florida Keys , p. 4

Building Local and National Community with Habitat for Humanity, p.6

Learning to Relate:  Campus Love Stories, p.8


Online Report to the Community 2012

Alumni Profile:  Katie Larson, p. 3

Alumni Profile:  Ger Xiong, p. 6

Student Leaders Enhance Campus, p. 8


Online Report to the Community 2011

Student Discovers Love for Research, p. 4

Cancer Research Links Student to Two Campuses, p. 5

Alumni Profile:  Brendan Wood-Taylor, p. 7

'Teaching is Coaching'--Coach Knar Honored, p. 8

Web Exclusive Coach Stories

Bergers Pay it Forward, p. 12

Bergers Book Bag Fund Makes a Difference, p. 13


Online Report to the Community 2010

Study Abroad Programs--Connecting to Other Cultures,  p. 3

Tutoring Partnership Benefits Students, p. 6

Family Harmony, p. 8

First Campus Student Recalls, p. 10

Husband and Wife Juggle Family and Education, p. 12


Online Report to the Community 2009

Student Government Association Profiles in Leadership, p. 3

Deans Reflect on Rich Campus History, p. 8

Family Friendly: UW-FDL draws students across generations, p. 12

"Fore"-tunate Timing, p. 13


Online Report to the Community 2008
Dean Henken reflects on 40th campus  anniversary, p. 8.

Scholarship investment returns life-long benefits, p. 12

Serving students; campus partnership; career appreciation, all p. 13

Madison alum supports UW students close to home, p. 14

Marian University

Annual Report 2009-2010

Marian University Annual Report introducing new university president.

Answering a Call: Interview with New President DiSalvo

Marian University Magazine

Vol. 3, Issue 1, Fall 2011

Hired by Marian's president during this university's 75th anniversary to relaunch its coffee-table publication featuring the annual report and aimed at alumni, donors and friends.  Worked with on-campus staff. Planned and generated content, created publication schedule, directed photography, collaborated with in-house designer, edited submitted content, and wrote much of the content, including news and features:

Short-Term Study Abroad Provides Content and Context, p. 17

StrengthsQuest:  Increasing Self-knowledge, p. 21

Breaking Bread Together, p. 27

Front Cover

Table of Contents (2 and 3)

Pages 4 and 5

Pages 6 and 7

Pages 8 and 9

Pages 10 and 11

Pages 12 and 13

Pages 14 and 15

Pages 16 and 17

Pages 18 and 19

Pages 20 and 21

Pages 22 and 23

Pages 24 and 25

Pages 26 and 27

Pages 28 and 29

Pages 30 and 31

Pages 32 and 33

Pages 34 and 35

Pages 36 and 37

Pages 38 and 39

Pages 40 and 41

Pages 42 and 43 Annual Report

Pages 44 and 45 Annual Report

Pages 46 and 47 Annual Report

Pages 48 and 49 Annual Report

Pages 50 and 51 Annual Report

Back Cover

Loyola University Chicago
Annual Report

Lead writer for the 1992 annual report celebrating Loyola President Raymond Baumhart, S.J.  Previously, editor/writer/design director for Patron magazine, a coffee-table publication aimed at university donors and featuring the annual report.

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