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Donor Communications

I've written, ghost-written, edited and managed donor communications including fundraising letters, content used at events, and full publications.

UW-Fond du Lac Foundation

As a part-time employee in this office, I used my skills to ghost-write for the executive director, members of the board and faculty. I also massaged and edited supplied content.

UW-Fond du Lac Annual Fund:

Appeal letter to donors

Appeal letter to alumni

Appeal letter to prospective donors

Appeal letter to faculty and staff

Appeal letter to UW-FDL board members

Second contact letter to donors


UW-FDL Multicultural Club Fundraiser:
Exam Week Gift Bag sales letter


"My UW-Fond du Lac Story"--  used for 40th Anniversary

Dinner table decor

Recent Alumnus Logan Shine

Retired Professor Jack Heil

Classic Alumnus Dale Boyke


Loyola University Chicago's magazine for donors

Editor, content creator and cover designer for this large coffee table publication targeted to the university's philanthropic community.

Volume 4, Number 2 (Summer 1988):Classic Education (full issue)

Volume 5, Number 2 (Summer 1989):For the Children (feature only)

Volume 5, Number 3 (Fall 1989):Volunteers (feature only)

Annual Report Winter 1988 (Patron)

Annual Report Winter 1990 (Patron)

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