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Social Media

Social media has increased the scope and speed of connection for all of us in our personal and professional lives. We are communicators by nature--yet our increased connectivity can draw energy from other areas that need our focus.  Hiring a professional communicator can free up your time to focus on the creativity that only you can do. Don't miss my Content Services Websites page for samples of Web content I have created.


Since George Floyd's murder in 2020, I have been part of the seven-member planning committee for a local, grassroots antiracism program called The Humanity Project: Telling the Untold Story. I joined the group that rebooted the programming to Zoom during the pandemic; we meet weekly on Zoom to create/update the content for the monthly interactive programming we deliver via Zoom at two times on the first Tuesday of each month. We have approximately 100 local leaders and citizens participate during each nine-month session.  

I had the least social justice experience of the committee members when I joined:  My goal was to support their ongoing work in whatever ways they needed.


While I have grown in my ability to suggest and vet content for our sessions, I have used my communication skills to manage The Humanity Project Facebook page since the move to Zoom in 2020. I share the themes and some specific content used in our monthly sessions, but the group page has the larger focus of educating about and centering both Black history and current events for our mainly white participants and community. To that end, I follow and seek out a variety of content to share in our group.  At times, I have had to address and mediate some activity on the page.


I also create fliers and graphics for the group, for both online and print distribution, as well as present live content, take attendance, recruit participants, and attend the Saturday morning Coffee and Chat follow-up Zoom sessions.

Visual Communication and Graphic Design

I enjoy the visual aspects of communication. While I have often worked in offices and with clients with a dedicated design staff, I have always provided input and direction on design. 


The access of apps like Canva have opened the door for me to make my own graphics, and the mini video opportunities on apps like Instagram and Facebook provide a new level of creative fun. Some of my creations are linked on this page.

You can also enjoy my adorable but mischievous doggo on Instagram at saki.thecorgi !

Instagram and Facebook Admin
Just Fare Market

At the request of a friend on the board, I took on management of a local fair trade shop for three months.  During that time, I ramped up the store's presence on Instagram and Facebook with posts featuring my photography and descriptions of store inventory plus store promotion ads that I created using Canva. Scroll their Instagram and Facebook from June 2021-August 2021.

I also quickly learned to use the store's new POS, and handled banking, merchandising, sales, and customer service along with online marketing.

The graphics linked here were created in Canva and as Instagram/Facebook posts, but have been saved as .pdf files for easier linking on this site.


First Post: Pride Socks 

Zippy Car for Dad

Fathers Day Puzzles

Fathers Day Socks

For the Fun Dads

Bowties for Dads

Juneteenth Clothes

Juneteenth Cooking

Hats for Summer

June Jewelry

Love is Love Hearts

Love is Love Dishes

Love Loud

Love is Love Month

Rainbow Mobile

Pyramid Paperweight
Picnic Ready

Free Bag

Green with Envy Ring

What do Your Hands Say?

July 4th Socks


Finger Cuffs

Wrist Cuffs

Flip Stone Ring

Summer Baking Sale

World Chocolate Day

Face Masks

Nature Designs

Hedgehog Purse

Beaded Necklaces

Beaded Bracelets

Roll-on Bracelets

EAA: Tin Can Plane

EAA: Balloon Birdhouse

Clothing Sale Aug

Back to School Sale


Dad Socks 

For the Fun Dads

Zippy (Can) Car for Dad

Bowties for Dads

Rainbow Leaf Necklace

Live Proud

Love Is Love

Love Is Love Dishes

Hats for Summer Festivals

June Jewelry

Juneteenth Clothes

Juneteenth Cookware

Masks Welcomed

Are You Picnic-ready?

Rainbow Chimes

Free Bag Promo

Summer Baking Sale

Patriotic Socks

Finger Cuffs

Motto Rings

Cloth Headbands

World Chocolate Day

Two, Two, Two Rings in One!

Nature's Design

Wrist Cuffs

Hedgehog Purse

Green With Envy Ring

Beaded Necklaces

Beaded Bracelets

Roll-on Bracelets

EAA Tin Can Plane

Wool Balloon Birdhouse

Summer Clothing Sale

Back to School Sale

Clothing Sale Reminder

Cuter Bags than the Bigbox


Summer Baking Sale

Free Reusable Tote with Purchase

Summer Clothing Sale

School Supplies Sale

Masks Optional sign

Masks Optional Instagram post

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