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Website Content: composition, revision, organization.

My portfolio includes website content that I have wholly composed for clients, along with content that I have written as assigned, as well as edited and revised. I have also created websites using programs including Dreamweaver and WIX.

Worked with business owner to focus and phrase content for launch of her coaching website, More Than A Resume.  Used listening skills to understand and shape key messages to her clients, who are making the transition from college to career.  Collaborated and advised on content layout and delivery, then produced by design professional.  Owner makes updates and revisions to content and design, with occasional input from me.

Brought on project by McLean-Cowan Design to create content and communication navigation for this classic supper club in Sherwood, WI.

Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 18-23-21 (12) 40th Walleye Weekend - Official Event Facebook.png
Walleye Weekend 40th Anniversary

Hired by the Director of Festivals to write content used in multiple ways to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this large annual multi-day event held in Lakeside Park. Content appeared on FDL Festivals website and Facebook page, and in news releases used to generate coverage by area media outlets.

Bauer Physical Therapy

Brought on project by McClean-Cowan Design to create content and communication navigation for a solo physical therapy practitioner. Neither the designer nor I made screen shots of the redesign at the time of the launch, and soon thereafter the business owner left solo practice and joined a group practice with its own website. Files here show the content I wrote from my own research, and a few design plans from the designer.

Longtime freelance writer for this independent, award-winning Chicago neighborhood newspaper focusing on the Near-West, West, and South sides of the city. Content released both online and in print.

9/2022 Morgan Arts Complex Creates Gallery and Event Space in Bridgeport

03/2022 Chicago Returns, COFI, National Immigrant Justice Center Work to Improve Community

03/2022 Chicago Fire Soccer Team Looking to Build Training Facility on CHA Land

09/2021 Gazette COVID Coverage Wins APEX Award

6/2021 Commission Addresses Root Causes of Food Insecurity

4/2021 Potential Buyer Would Keep Mercy Open

2/2021 Community Organizes to Save Mercy Hospital

9/2020 Chicago's Oldest Hospital Could Close as Early as February 2023

9/2020 Local Healthcare Facilities Offer Coronavirus Testing

5/2020 International Nurses Work in Illinois through the Help of Chicago Bilingual Nurse Consortium

About Gazette Chicago

Open Circle website

Gifted website creation, including navigation and initial content, to my church, Open Circle Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Fond du Lac, WI. All work done by me in Dreamweaver. At the time, the fellowship was three years old and did not yet have regular pastoral leadership or office staff. In the years since, website responsibility and revision is handled by staff.

University of Wisconsin-
Fond du Lac

Hired to produce content for multiple issues of the Annual Report to the Community, which was published online and in print. Some stories were also featured as website news content.


UW-FDL became part of UW-Oshkosh in 2018.  At that time, its original online presence was removed. Some of my work is saved and available via PDF; some via print scans; some only via original word documents. See my print clips to read additional content created for this client.


Online Report to the Community 2016

Alumni Profile: Jim Misudek, Out of the Park, p. 6

Holocaust History Brought to life through Eva Schloss, Stepsister of Anne Frank, p. 8

Schloss Personal Story Very Different from Anne Frank, p. 9


Online Report to the Community 2015

Professor Gustin Faculty Sabbatical, p. 4

Alumni Musicians Still Harmonizing, p. 8

Alumni Profile: Tim Zedler, p 11


Online Report to the Community 2014

Alumni Profile:  Jeanna Zuehlke , p.3


Online Report to the Community 2013

Alumni Profile: Kyle Kaniecki , p.3

Students Study in Florida Keys , p. 4

Building Local and National Community with Habitat for Humanity, p.6

Learning to Relate:  Campus Love Stories, p.8


Online Report to the Community 2012

Alumni Profile:  Katie Larson, p. 3

Alumni Profile:  Ger Xiong, p. 6

Student Leaders Enhance Campus, p. 8


Online Report to the Community 2011

Student Discovers Love for Research, p. 4

Cancer Research Links Student to Two Campuses, p. 5

Alumni Profile:  Brendan Wood-Taylor, p. 7

'Teaching is Coaching'--Coach Knar Honored, p. 8

Web Exclusive Coach Stories

Bergers Pay it Forward, p. 12

Bergers' Book Bag Fund Makes a Difference, p. 13


Online Report to the Community 2010

Study Abroad Programs--Connecting to Other Cultures,  p. 3

Tutoring Partnership Benefits Students, p. 6

Family Harmony, p. 8

First Campus Student Recalls...., p. 10

Husband and Wife Juggle Family and Education, p. 12


Online Report to the Community 2009

Student Government Association Profiles in Leadership, p. 3

Deans Reflect on Rich Campus History, p. 8

Family Friendly: UW-FDL draws students across generations, p. 12

"Fore"-tunate Timing, p. 13

Online Report to the Community 2008

Dean Henken Reflects on 40th Anniversary, p. 8

Scholarship Investment Returns Life-long Benefits, p. 12

Serving Students; Campus Partnership; Career Appreciation, all p, 13

Madison Alum Supports UW Students Close to Home

UW-Fond du Lac

Other web content

UW Oshkosh

University re-structuring brought the campuses in Fond du Lac, Manitowoc and Fox Valley locations into satellite branch status with UW-Oshkosh. I was hired to write both web content and news releases for these geographically related campuses.

University of Illinois Graduate School of Library and Information Science

Composer of content and communication design for the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Worked with a University design employee to create updated site design.


LEEP3 Distance Education Program (new content, old design)

         Program descriptions (repackaged from revised web content              into print recruiting folder prior to website redesign)

Website redesign prototype (new design, new content)


Composed content and communication design for

GSLIS Publications Office website.

Loyola University Chicago

Early adopter and encourager of online communication at my university employer. Provided content creation and editing, as well as navigation and editorial/design input, while working in collaboration with technology staff on the original Loyola University Chicago website. Created additional content for events and features. Managed staff creating online content for students.

Forum on the Child site content

Letter of thanks

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