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I work with a variety of clients seeking communications expertise:  entrepreneurs, non-profits, small businesses, universities, associations, community leadership, city committees, Realtors, attorneys, authors, health-care professionals, restaurants, schools, news outlets.  I enjoy the rapport of listening to clients and sources, and asking the questions that help us hone what they need to say and how to best say it.


I remain connected to former colleagues, and to current and past clients. I'm delighted to know they are pleased with my work and our relationship.

Laurie Krasin
Former Director of Communications for Access Campuses, UW-Oshkosh; Former Director of Marketing and Communications, UW-Fond du Lac


Monica has written several feature articles as a freelancer for UW-Fond du Lac. Every assignment she has been given has been handled expertly, on time and within budget.

I have been impressed with Monica's skills at interviewing. When she interviews or contacts someone on our behalf, I know that she is representing our institution very well. Monica has great attention to detail, comes up with great ideas, always meets deadlines and truly understands the unique needs of a two year university.

William S. Bike
Senior Vice President
ANB Communications/Central Park Communications


Ms. Walk was one of my best hires ever, at any job.


A superb writer, Ms. Walk is detail-oriented, organized, and is able to take on ever-increasing responisbilities. She can research, interview, write, edit, and manage publications, and manage a budget and a staff as well.


Subsequent to our time at Loyola, I have hired her for freelance work at the Gazette newspaper in Chicago and for ANB Communications, and I have been pleased with her work in every instance.


She receives my highest recommendation.

Noreen O'Brien
Director of Communications, Presbyterian Children's Homes & Services of Missouri

Monica was a great help in copyediting my book before it went to press. She was a stickler for details, in the best way. Her counsel about the publishing process was quite sound. I look forward to hiring her again.

Jane Horowitz
More Than A Resume


With nothing more than a business plan and a very rough idea of the website, we got on the phone (pre Zoom) and in that first call Monica was able to clarify both content and intent. She has a talent for deeply listening and asking questions that cut through the yadayada and get to what needs to be said and how to say it to the target audience. I was so impressed with how quickly Monica was able to hone the positioning and balance the messaging to More Than A Resume’s dual targets.


The website was the first of several copy-intense projects I collaborated on with Monica. I find her writing clean, by which I mean not sensationalized yet attention-getting and accurate. Monica is a talented copywriter, highly collaborative and very professional.

Leigh Estabrook, Ph.D., Dean (retired)
Graduate School of Library and Information Science
University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana


Monica Walk turned the GSLIS Publications Office around at a time when we were in debt, behind in publication schedule and understaffed.


During her tenure time at the top-ranked school of library and information science, she coordinated all internal and external communication, and began focusing the message and the presentation of information from the school, which included a wide ranging number of endeavors under one roof. She revised and managed Web site content and design; created a complementary admissions packet; refocused the alumni newsletter and got it on a schedule. She wrote targeted news releases and communicated with unit heads within the school to understand and promote their work in line with the overall image of the school.


Monica also directed the office's scholarly publishing unit's acquisitions, editing, production--finally making schedules and deadlines meaningful for both contributors and staff.


I recommend her highly!


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