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Communications Strategy/Crisis Communications

My in-house communications experience as a department director provided ongoing opportunities to strategize communications messages and delivery methods.  Among those strategies were creating and implementing programs to handle crisis and "bad news" situations.

Loyola University Chicago

Tuition Communications

Loyola University Chicago

Open Forums

Loyola University Chicago
Tuition Communications

Key team member in planning multi-faceted communication program; composed and disseminated majority of content, including writing on behalf of university leadership.



Undergraduate and parents

School of Education

School of Social Work

Graduate School of Business

Response on behalf of EVP (1 example)


Internal Communications:

Loyola World article

Campus new tuition email announcement

Campus tuition communication email announcement

Campus student email announcement

Newsletters (Continuing Adults, Graduate, Law and Undergraduate students)


Loyola University Chicago
Open Forums

Scheduled, coordinated, provided talking points and assessment methods for open meetings between university leaders and employees.



Administration, Staff Provide Answers to Additional Lakeside Open Forum Questions (June 6, 1996)


Administrators Follow Up on Questions from Open Forums (May 16, 1996)

The State of the University: Loyolans Gather and Dialogue at Open Forums; Ratings sidebar; Lakeside Campuses Deem Forums Useful (May 2, 1996)

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