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My voice is also a communications asset.

I am comfortable in live and video presentations, voice work, and teaching.

I started my career in radio personality and TV news; provided the voice content on more than 70 messages for the Loyola Chicago voicemail system; and was a finalist in a Wisconsin Public Radio call for voice talent for the Chapter A Day program.


I have experience instructing in business settings; have spoken on editorial topics at conferences and seminars; and participate in live instruction and presentation via a monthly community Zoom project addressing and dismantling racism.

I earned an M.Ed. degree in curriculum and instruction, with teaching credentials in Illinois for speech and language arts. Additionally, I long mentored interns and junior staff in my offices, and then later enjoyed the experience of teaching in junior and senior high classrooms. One of my long-time clients hired me to teach financial literacy in K-8 classrooms in Fond du Lac and the surrounding area. I went on to serve a three-year elected term on the Fond du Lac School Board, where I was known for my willingness to speak up in support of public education.



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